When it comes to physiotherapy in the West Australian Capital, four seasons is all you need to know

Posted April 12, 2019 13:59:50 A new report into the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in Perth says four seasons of physiotherapy can be a good starting point for a client who is suffering from anxiety, depression and post-partum depression.

The Western Australian Department of Health and Welfare (WADOH) has released a summary of the research into the efficacy of the treatment in WA.

The Department of Psychology and Psychotherapy and WADOH said the results showed that the treatment was effective for at least three of the six symptoms listed by the Government’s National Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey.

“The research results suggest that the four-season treatment is a very good first step in the treatment process for people who are experiencing post-natal depression, anxiety and postpartum stress,” said Dr Jennifer Riddell, director of WADOH.

“In addition to providing some relief, it can also be a helpful adjunct to psychotherapy and provide some support for those struggling to manage their emotions during the recovery process.”

Dr Riddel said a number of factors, such as social isolation and isolation from family and friends, also contributed to people experiencing postpartums stress.

“It’s not just the stressors that they have experienced in the past, it’s the fact that they are coping with them now, and they’re having to manage them,” she said.

“So what we need to do is get those people to know that postpartems experience can be an option.”

The four-year treatment involves the client starting by using a technique called “postpartum massage” to assist the baby.

The baby’s body will then move to a different location, to reduce the stress the client may be experiencing, and help ease the pain.

The client will then continue the therapy in a similar manner until the baby is completely relaxed and relaxed, Dr Ridder said.

The treatment also provides a range of benefits, including increased self-esteem, lower depression and increased wellbeing.

Dr Rynell said the four seasons treatment was also helpful for those who were experiencing a range.

“People who have depression can benefit from this treatment and those who have anxiety disorders can benefit, too, by having this four-month therapy to help manage their anxiety, too,” she explained.

“If you feel that you’re suffering from some of the symptoms that the Government has listed, you might find this therapeutic approach to help alleviate those symptoms.”WADOOH also published the results of a study into the effectiveness of a two-year therapeutic program for people with postpartaminal depression.



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