Trump’s ‘waste, fraud, abuse’ policies on health care are ‘worse than anything ever’

Donald Trump has said he would like to see healthcare provided by private companies, but is proposing an amendment that would give them a tax break for doing so.

Speaking to ABC News on Wednesday, the President said he had proposed the amendment because he believed healthcare should be available for everyone.

But, as it stands, that is not the case.

Mr Trump is proposing that the US government, under the guise of “public health”, subsidise the private sector for health care.

The President’s amendment is not just bad policy, it is bad economics.

It would be bad for the US economy.

The problem is that the amendment is based on a false premise, that the private healthcare industry can provide healthcare at an affordable price.

This false premise is the basis of the President’s argument for a tax subsidy.

Mr Donald Trump is making this claim because of his personal financial conflicts of interest.

The US government provides a tax credit for private health insurance companies who provide health care services.

Mr President is claiming that if you provide health insurance for someone, the government should pay for that person to provide health services to people.

However, it turns out that this is not what happens.

The tax credit does not actually pay for the costs of providing health care, it simply allows the government to pay for some of the costs associated with health care delivery.

Under the current system, the US Government provides health insurance to some of its citizens, who are paid a flat tax rate, which is set by Congress.

But, the tax credit is not used to pay the cost of health care for everyone who needs it.

For example, people with disabilities receive a premium tax credit of up to $2,500, while individuals with disabilities are paid the equivalent of $5,000 per year in premium tax credits.

This means that many people with health problems pay no more than $3,000 annually for the health insurance they receive from the Government.

This is because the government does not spend any money on health insurance, as the Government has no role in providing health services.

The Government spends only about $2 billion per year on health costs.

This amount is actually lower than the $5.6 billion that the Government spends annually on Medicare.

The private healthcare sector does provide services to the US population, but not all of the people who need it.

The Trump administration is not making healthcare a government-funded service.

Instead, it’s using this tax credit to make sure that the cost for private healthcare is shared out among its own employees.

As a result, the Trump Administration is taking advantage of the fact that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights protects the right of Americans to make healthcare decisions for themselves.

However this tax-subsidised healthcare does not guarantee that everyone will receive the care they need.

It does not ensure that everyone can receive the medical treatment they need, and it does not provide any guarantee that the person who provides the care will be able to afford it.

This, in turn, makes it very difficult for people to access healthcare, and, in many cases, can cause a significant burden on the health system.

So, while this amendment does not directly affect all Americans, it does make healthcare a more complicated and expensive process.


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