How the CBC’s forensic physiotherapists are helping us solve our own crimes

Posted April 14, 2018 10:31:36For the past couple of years, CBC’s Forensic Physiotherapies team has been helping our fellow Canadians to solve their own crimes by using their medical knowledge to help solve crime scenes.

In a video that was recently posted to their Facebook page, Forensic Physiatry Clinic patients are shown taking the first step in their investigations, taking blood samples and conducting x-rays.

They are then given the opportunity to speak with a forensic physiologist who is trained in forensic physiology.

“We are trained to do forensic physiognomy, the process of diagnosing and reconstructing the human body,” Dr. Susan-Ann LaPrest told CBC News.

“So we can help with those types of things.

And, of course, the forensic physiologists are our forensic physiographers.”

For the CBC, this is a huge step forward in providing the forensic community with a safe and effective alternative to a doctor’s office.

In fact, Dr. LaPstep said the whole forensic physiography experience is more than just a “medical” experience.

“It is a clinical experience,” she said.

“It is helping us to help Canadians understand how our bodies work and how we are able to make sense of our lives.”

In an effort to help all Canadians, Dr LaPst says that the CBC will be releasing a guidebook for forensic physiopathy clinics to help them prepare for their next investigations.

“That guidebook will be about the fundamentals of forensic physiotechnology and what it’s like to use it to solve a crime,” she told CBC.

“We’re looking forward to publishing that book.”

To help with the project, CBC is providing a small grant for each clinic that accepts a forensic physiologist.


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