When a Beaverbank physiotherapist gets ‘hit in the face with a rock’ by a student, she is ‘screaming with the help of God’

In September 2018, a woman at Beaverbank’s physiotherapy Clinic in Perth’s west was assaulted and hit in the head with a large rock while performing physiotherapy on a child. 

The woman, who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisal, described how she felt like a “panda”.

“I was on the verge of tears when I got the hit in my head.

It felt like the biggest punch I’d ever been given.

I’m just so thankful I’m alive,” she said.”

I was in a lot of pain. “

I couldn’t believe I’d been hit in that way. 

I was in a lot of pain.

It was horrible. 

 “The doctor told me I was going to be OK, that it was just a bruise on my forehead, and that I’d probably have to have an operation. 

He gave me a couple of weeks off to recover, but I didn’t know that until I got home. 

Then, on the night of October 9, I was driving home when I was approached by a man with a metal pole in his hand. 

As he walked towards me, I realised I had to keep moving, so I tried to keep my hands away from him, but his pole made me jump.

“The incident occurred just hours before a group of students from the nearby Aboriginal Cultural Centre were scheduled to perform yoga on the premises of the clinic. 

When the group left the clinic, one student reported the incident to staff, who were able to identify the assailant as a student. 

A Beaverbank police spokesman confirmed the woman was a student at the clinic at the time of the incident, and was taken to the hospital. 

According to the statement from the Beaverbank clinic, the assailant, who had a history of mental health problems, was taken into custody and charged with a variety of offences, including assault, criminal damage and threatening with a weapon.”

It is with deep regret that we confirm that a student has been arrested in relation to the alleged incident, which occurred at the Beaverbanks Centre,” the statement said. 

Police are still investigating the incident. 

An investigation into the incident is underway by the Beaverbridge Police Force, with the investigation focusing on the alleged perpetrator’s mental health history. 

For more information, you can visit: https://www.beaverbankscourts.wa.gov.au/index.php/victims/victim-services/physical-assault-charge-charges/assault-victim/beaverbridge-courts-police-force-investigation-statement-statement/


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