What is the latest in the ACL reconstruction craze?

A Calgary woman who says she is a “lifecaring physiotherapist” has been given a new lease on life after getting her right knee reattached.

Kimberly Pascucci has had her left knee amputated because it is too painful for her to walk.

Her family had to move after she had an infection.

Kimberly has been doing physiotherapy for more than 15 years and is now able to walk with a cane and is able to get around her house again.

“I think it’s a blessing because I can do things that I couldn’t do before, and I’m able to enjoy myself now,” she said.

Kimbert Pascuccio, Kimberly’s father, says it was hard to leave their daughter’s surgery.

“It was like being a kid again.

It was just really hard.

We had to leave her surgery and go to rehab and then move her to another location and that was really hard,” he said.

The Pascucios have been trying to get their daughter back on her feet for the last two months, and they were able to convince a local orthopaedic surgeon to treat Kimberly.

“She’s been able to do some walking with her cane and it’s been really, really good.

We’re just excited to see what happens.

It’s been very, very good,” Mr Pascuci said.”

We don’t want to let her down.”

Kimberley’s mother says she had to learn to live on her own after losing her leg in a car crash.

“Now she has an ability to walk and walk without a cane,” her mother said.

She says she will be back on the road soon and hopes her daughter will be able to return to her job and get back to her hobbies.

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