Fiji’s first physiotherapy Associates Inc. to open in Las Vegas

PHOENIX — Fiji’s only physiotherapy and physical therapy associate company, physiotherapy associate inc, has opened a new office in Las Cruces, Nevada, according to the Fiji Health Ministry.

The Fiji Health Minister, Pernille Keputu, confirmed the news at the Fiji Tourism and Tourism Bureau in Las Palmas, Nevada.

She said the new physiotherapy affiliate will operate under a new name: Fiji-based physiotherapy Associate.

“We hope this will provide a level of continuity for Fiji and its members and also provide new opportunities for the Fiji Association of Physiotherapists, which is the only accredited physiotherapy professional association in the world,” she said.

Keputus also announced that Fiji-licensed physiotherapy assistants will soon be able to provide treatment in the United States.

The government has issued a new certification for physiotherapy, a certification that has been on the books since 2016, and now allows members of the public to practice physiotherapy at public health facilities in the U.S. and around the world.

The certification was first issued by the U


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