What to know about the new cardiac rehabilitation and therapy program for the chronically heart-losing population

Cpt Ahmad Rezvani, a cardiologist at the National Institutes of Health, has just completed a series of studies on the effectiveness of physiotherapy for the chronic heart-disease cardioresponder, cardiothoracic myocardial infarction (CMI).

The results, published in the journal Circulation, were quite encouraging.

In a large randomized controlled trial, Rezvano and his colleagues found that in subjects with CMI, physiotherapy could significantly reduce the duration of hospital stays, reduce the incidence of mortality and the number of days lost to hospitalization.

This reduction in hospitalizations was accompanied by an increase in survival.

The researchers also found that the duration and severity of symptoms were significantly reduced in physiotherapy patients compared to controls.

As a result, these patients had a significantly lower incidence of death, as well as a reduced mortality rate compared to the control group.

These results suggest that physiotherapy can be used to help patients with CMC, said Rezvania.

“The main limitation of the trial is the limited number of subjects,” he said.

“This is the first randomized controlled study with a large sample size, and we are hopeful that this trial will be replicated in a larger sample.”

A second randomized controlled controlled trial has already been conducted and has shown similar results.

This study found that physiotherapists were able to reduce the number and duration of days of hospitalization in cardiographically normal subjects compared to patients with a CMI.

The results were similar to Rezvanyi’s results.

However, in the second study, the researchers did not measure cardiac autonomic functions in the patients.

In other words, the results were not directly comparable between the two studies.

The study that Rezvans researchers conducted is still in the preliminary stages.

But Rezvane and his team hope to continue to improve their findings and provide physiotherapy to more patients with the condition.

“Our main goal is to give physiotherapy a place in the heart,” said Rezvaani.

“We want to provide a safe and effective way of managing patients with cardiogenic diseases.

And this is why we are trying to increase our number of participants and improve our technique.”

A recent article published in Annals of Emergency Medicine states that the majority of the world’s population with a heart condition will die before their 30s.

But a recent study found patients who receive physiotherapy and acupuncture may have a 50% to 100% chance of surviving for more than a decade.


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