How to get your physiotherapy doctor’s advice on how to get the best results

How to talk to your physiotherapist about whether you should have an X-ray or CT scan for back pain?

Find out how to find out if your doctor has an X or CT and how to choose the right test.

The National Physical Therapy Association has released a guide to help you choose the tests for back and neck pain.

The advice is based on a survey of physiotherapists.

Here’s what you need to know.


How do you get an X and CT?

You need to get a referral from a physiotherapeutic doctor or a physiotherapy specialist.


What is an X?

An X-Ray is an ultrasound of the spine.

The X-rays are typically used for diagnosis, but they can also be used to guide treatment.


How long does an X take?

The length of the X-Rays can vary from one physiotherapy group to another.

In some cases, it can take less than a day for an X to be performed.


How does the CT work?

CT scans are usually done to identify and treat problems that have developed due to a physical injury.

CT scans use high-speed images to detect changes in the structures of the skull.

The images are taken at regular intervals to allow for accurate analysis.


How is an MRI used?

MRI is a scan of the body, or an instrument that captures information from a subject’s bones, muscles and organs.

A scan can show changes in blood flow in certain areas of the brain.

This information is used to predict how well an individual will respond to treatment.


What types of tests are used?

CT and MRI tests are usually used to find and treat back and/or neck pain and to monitor the progress of a person’s illness.


What are the different types of treatments?

Some physiotherappies focus on a specific symptom and/ or problem, while others focus on different therapies to help manage the problem.


What treatments are available to support people with back and cervical pain?

There are different types and treatments of treatments that can help you.

Some physiotherapy groups use treatments such as physical therapy, massage, physiotherapy massage, chiropractic and other therapies.

Others focus on physiotherapy rehabilitation, such as yoga and meditation.


What do you need in order to get an MRI or CT for back or neck pain?

You’ll need to have a referral and be comfortable with your doctor.

You’ll also need a referral if you have: a chronic or ongoing problem with your back or a problem with back pain.

You can get a CT scan at the same time you have your referral.


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