How to find the best physiotherapy in your area

The Sports Medicine Association of Australia says the number of sports physiotherapy clinics has increased from 10 to 35 in the past three years, with many seeing a growth in demand from patients and patients wanting to get their healthcare.

“There’s a lot of demand from people wanting to use our services, so there are a lot more people using our services now,” said Dr Tony Kostych, the chief executive of the Sports Medicine Australia.

“It’s just an exponential increase in demand, so it’s really exciting.”

Dr Kostymchuk said the increase in the number and types of sports therapies offered by clinics across Australia has resulted in a lot less bureaucracy and more options.

“The way it works is you go to your local physiotherapy clinic, and you can choose from a range of options, including sports therapy, massage, physiotherapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation,” he said.

“All of those are available at our clinic.”

We also offer physiotherapy through the network, so you can find a physiotherapy doctor at your local pharmacy and then come in and do your therapy yourself.

“If you’ve got an injury or condition that requires some kind of rehabilitation, you can also get your physiotherapy and then get your treatment in your local hospital.”

Dr Steve O’Donnell from the Mayo Clinic said many patients wanted to get involved in the sport of their choice.

“They see what we do, they see what our physiotherapists do, and they see how our sports physiotherapist can help them,” he told AM.

“A lot of times patients say, ‘Oh, I can’t do sports therapy because I’m not able to afford it’.”‘

We’ve got more physiotherapy options than you can possibly imagine’Dr Koster said the demand for sports therapy is driving up the price of physiotherapy.

“Now we’ve got a lot cheaper options out there, so we’ve had a lot better options available, and there’s a better supply,” he explained.

“You can find it in more places and more people are taking up our services and it’s a good thing.”

For the past few years, physiotherapeutic services have increased at a much faster rate than we’re expecting.

“Dr O’Donoghue said the increased demand has meant he has had to adapt to the changing needs of patients.”

At the moment there’s not a lot in the way of physiotheracism being covered by insurance and we’re trying to get in there, because we’ve been having a lot patients come in with injuries or illnesses and we need to be able to treat them,” Dr O’Drue said.

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