Australian Government says it will not seek to make changes to laws that will allow private physiotherapy companies to practice in Australia

The Government says the private physiotherapist industry is not in danger of being forced out of Australia.

Key points:The Prime Minister’s Department says private physiothèse would still be able to practice within the country’s regulatory frameworkKey pointsThe Government says there is no need to change the laws in the private sector, including private physiothecarysDr Martin said there was no “threat” of a “revolt” in the industry as long as the Government was committed to protecting the “social contract” of physiotherapy.

“We have no need for people to say we’re going to pull up a drawbridge and close down the door to the private health sector,” he said.

“This Government has done the right thing and we’re doing it again.”

Dr Martin also said he was confident the Government would “work through” the issue and make changes in the legislation.

He said it was clear the private industry had not had the benefit of the Government’s recent changes to the National Health Insurance (NHI).

“This is not a question of not doing it but of trying to do it with some flexibility and we’ve done that,” he told AM.

“It’s a question now of how much flexibility we want to give the private medical industry.”

And it is a question that the Government has to deal with, but it’s a good question to ask.

“He said the Government did not want to jeopardise the future of private physiythèse in Australia.”

The private physiographer in this country will continue to provide the best physiotherapy for the greatest number of people in Australia,” Dr Martin said.

He also said there would be no change to the NHI, but said the changes were not yet being made.”

There is no question that there will be changes to our health insurance regime as part of the government’s response to the new NHI,” he added.”

So we’ve had discussions around that with our partners, but as of yet there is nothing to indicate that any of those discussions have taken place.

“The Prime Ministry’s Office said there were no changes in any of the current laws, which include provisions for private physio therapists to be registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (ATGA) and that their practice would be subject to a registration fee.”

Private physiotherapists can and do practice in any part of Australia under the existing regulations as set out by the Government,” the statement said.

However, the Department of Health said it had “received no reports of any plans to make any changes” to the laws.”

Physiotherapies are a highly regulated industry, with extensive information and support available to the medical profession,” the Government statement said, adding the Government had been working closely with the industry.


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