UK doctors admit ‘I was never really good at it’

Physiotherapy graduates are finding that they’re not necessarily good at their jobs, as they struggle to make an impact in the field.

One in five have said they quit their current profession because they weren’t good enough at their job.

In a survey of more than 4,000 graduates in the UK, 62% said they had quit because they were not good enough, according to the research by the University of Leeds.

That’s more than double the number of graduates who said they’d quit their profession.

In the United States, only 25% of doctors surveyed said they felt they were good enough to be a doctor, according a survey from The Lancet.

More than half of those surveyed said their careers were in doubt.

One reason is lack of confidence.

“I’m sure that when people see a young doctor who is a bit older, it could be more of a ‘you’re really good but you’re not a good enough doctor’ thing,” Dr. Rachel McKeown, an NHS consultant and clinical professor at the University College London, told Mashable.

“That’s not a big surprise to me, but it is a concern that some people have about the lack of recognition and that’s something that I think is very common among the general public.”

Doctors say the lack a professional identity also has an impact on the work.

“It’s difficult to get into a profession where you’re constantly asked if you’re qualified or if you’ve worked in a certain field, or if it’s important to your profession,” Dr McKeaven said.

“For people who are really well qualified, it’s not necessarily important to them to do that work.

People will say that you’re ‘not professional’ because you’re asking about your qualifications and then it’s a sign of a lack of respect.” “

You have to be very careful about what you say because it can be perceived as not being professional.

People will say that you’re ‘not professional’ because you’re asking about your qualifications and then it’s a sign of a lack of respect.”

Dr McKeefe said that lack of professional identity can also have a negative effect on people’s confidence.

She said that many graduates were afraid to take a job they didn’t believe was appropriate because they didn`t think they could get the right sort of work experience.

“If you get a job, you get this kind of sense of ‘what’s it going to be like?

I don’t know what it is.

This is not something I’ve been trained for.’

It’s hard to say ‘I want to get to that level and this is how I can get there.’

It can be quite intimidating,” she said.

Dr McEwen said the lack in professional identity is also a concern for those in the workforce.

“When you go into a job you have a very narrow job description and a lot can go wrong,” she explained.

“In a sense it’s the opposite of what we would call being a leader in your profession.”

The survey also found that the number and severity of injuries suffered by physiotherapy graduates varied from one to five.

Of those surveyed, 23% said that their first injury occurred when they were in their early 20s, compared to only 12% who said their second injury occurred at age 30 or older.

In both cases, the average duration of the injury was two months, while some of the injuries were permanent.

Some of those who had been injured in the past also had lower levels of stress in their jobs compared to others.

“The main problem for many physiotherapists is that they get into work as young people, they have no experience and they’re given this job to do which is very challenging,” Dr Schaller said.

She added that while many doctors are trained to be “physiotherapies, there are still people who will say ‘you should be doing this’.” The survey found that a significant number of physiotherapist graduates had been involved in the management of injuries, but did not feel they were able to manage their injuries.

“There are very few physiotherapeutic professionals who feel that they are truly experts in the area of physical therapy, and that they have a unique knowledge base,” Dr Stirling said.

It’s not clear if physiotherapy will become more popular in the future, but Dr McLeod said she hoped the survey would help shed light on the issue.

“What I hope is that we can look at physiotherapy as being an option in the NHS, because there are so many physiotherapy opportunities in our profession, and there are very different types of physiotherapy in our industry, and we need to be able to understand where that knowledge base comes from,” she added.


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